With our minimum viable product (MVP) we were live and present in the market. The product was tested in a pilot project on 144 patients in Maryland Urgent Care clinic with Dr. Sherif Hassan in Washington D.C., family medicine specialists Dr. Miroslav Sabijan and Dr. Vijoleta Sabijan, Polyclinic Niksa Drinkovic, prim. dr. Tomislav Majic in Smarjeske Toplice cardiovascular rehabilitation center in Slovenia, Dr. Golubic cardiology specialist in the Hospital of Sisters of Charity Zagreb, in University Hospital Zagreb with prof. dr. sc. Martina Bencic cardiology specialist, polyclinic Sveti Rok and Special Hospital Brezice in Slovenia. All the clinic and doctor partners have agreed to provide us with an environment and patients to produce a RCT clinical study with Luana that will have a 100 patient study and 100 patients control groups. We have also achieved signed letter of intents expressing interest from our customer to implement and use the next version of our application.

We are currently developing version 2 that will be fully functional and advanced.
Luana intro

If you are interested to be one of our first partners and customers please contact us at: info@luxheal.com
Wish you all the best and we will be back soon!

Luana Health Team